Professional Development Workshops

  • Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Systems – Danielson, Strong, McRel, etc.
    • Training and on-going information for teachers and administrators
    • Records management support and assistance
    • Data creation and review to drive instruction and grow programs
  • Instructional Design
    • Three-part objective
    • Differentiation of instruction
    • Implementation of modifications and accommodations
    • Incorporating higher level questioning and inquiry-based instruction
  • Classroom Management
    • Establishment of consistent systems
    • Consistency of rules and guidelines
    • Behavior modification
  • Literacy and Information Literacy for Schools and Libraries
    • Multi-sensory reading and writing instruction
    • Information literacy skills for project-based instruction
    • Circulation system set-up, maintenance, and applications

State and Federal Reporting

  • Medical and Family Leave
    • Guidelines for teachers and administrators
    • Protections and supports
    • Re-entry procedures
  • Contract Responsibilities