chl-home-bannerWe support communities of schools and non-profits to develop a shared vision for success. 

Are you maximizing student achievement?
Preparing for colleges and careers is a high-stakes process. Is your school ready to meet that challenge? Is your community operating at its maximum potential? We can help you reach your best – designing student-focused learning spaces to strengthen achievement, improve instruction, enhance collaboration, streamline systems, and empower all members of the learning team.

Is your team struggling to keep up?
Do your students accept responsibility for and direct their learning?  Do your teachers strive to distinguish themselves as educators?  Do your school leaders spearhead initiatives that inspire a shared vision and support the mission of the district? We can help! We can give your school the tools necessary to succeed.  Our certified school leaders and teachers provide a formative approach to hands-on mentoring that leads to enhanced performance and delineates a clear scope and sequence for all stakeholders.

We will help you achieve your goals.
Our hands-on approach supports your school community in the process of reflection  and inquiry by seeking ways to improve communication, target resources, update pedagogy, and maximize performance.  We support any school that is committed to putting forth the efforts necessary to be successful.

Our focus:

  • Tutoring
  • Orton Gillingham
  • K12 Media Centers
  • Literacy Programs for Students & Teachers